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 Encountering Giants

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PostSubject: Encountering Giants   Encountering Giants Icon_minitimeSun Mar 17, 2019 1:18 am

Encountering Giants
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
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"There were giants upon the Earth in those days" - Genesis 6.4

3/16/2019 - Time: 13:02 Hours.  Received call on the paranormal hotline.  Stanley McRice from Vermont says that he and his wife Leanna are vacationing in Maryland and were visiting an area of Antietam Creek.  Stanley and his wife all of a sudden felt like they were moving very slow and the atmosphere seemed to change.  From what they saw were once blue skies, now turned instantly cloudy and the surrounding landscape seemed to have an orange tint.  Stanley and Leanna all of a sudden heard loud noises, they heard screaming, yelling, unrecognizable loud words.  Some of the screaming was blood curdling.  Stanley and his wife then saw moving shadows and the shadows became clearer.  They saw what looked like Native American Indians fighting another group of Native American Indians.  The fight was a blood bath.  They also saw what appeared to be Native American Indians that were anywhere from 9 feet tall to 12 feet tall engaged in the battle.  Stanley could not believe what he was seeing and at the first sight of it, thought it was some kind of re-enactment by actors.  As Stanley and Leanna watched the battle, the battle sort of started getting out of focus and the battle finally vanished.  Stanley and Leanna were dumbfounded and on this Saturday evening consulted with a local historian.  The local historian said that they were in an area where a major battle did take place between the Catawbas and the Delawares.  Also, legend would have it that there were at one time giants living in this area.  These giants were mostly 9 feet tall.

When Deanna Jaxine Stinson - psychic medium was in Charleston, South Carolina, she envisioned a giant.  Deanna as a child was abducted by a UFO and at times can psychically uncloak UFOs (believe me, I am a witness to this).  Deanna has a strong paranormal connection.  During her visit to South Carolina she was watching the North Star. As she watched the North Star, it magically became a crown and she saw a giant communicating with the gods through mental thought waves.  This giant also wore the North Star crown.  Deanna felt that this giant, that I will call the North Star Giant King had an Egyptian connection.  On this same night in South Carolina, we witnessed a small meteor shower.

If you look through historical newspapers, ancient scrolls, cave drawings, hieroglyphics, there is writings about giants in every culture.  Angels, gods, extraterrestrials found human women attractive and they would have sex with these lovely females.  The females that were seduced by these extraterrestrials would give birth to giants.  When these giants dominated the Earth and sin was at an all time high, it was decided by a higher power to destroy these monstrosities with a flood.  There is mention of a flood in all cultures throughout the world.  Institutions like the Smithsonian try to hide these truths.  Many giant skeletons have been delivered to the Smithsonian and those skeletons disappear from history and never have a chance to be examined by normal citizens.  It is said that the Vatican is also hiding the bones of giants and that they are even hiding the skulls of extraterrestrials, skulls that are elongated.

When you travel through certain areas of the US, you may see huge earth works, huge mounds.  Ask the local Indians if they built those mounds and they do not take the credit for the mounds, they blame it on the mound builders.  The mound builders are the giants, the hybrids who are half human and half extraterrestrial.  The mound builders are credited for building these mounds and clearing wide swaths in the forest.

Giants in mankind's history can be found everywhere.  There are even stories of giants that lived in the coastal regions of California.  Remains were found on the islands of the Santa Barbara Channels.  A 9 foot tall mummified giant was found in California during the 1800s and then it mysteriously disappeared.  Did the government confiscate this mummified giant and if they did for what reason?  Why does the Smithsonian Institute want to keep the stories of giants hidden from us?  The Lenni Lenape giants were discovered in New York State, Long Island and Staten Island.  Lenni Lenape is translated as "the real people".  While the Lenni Lenape giants were anywhere from 7 to 9 feet tall, they would come into contact with their ancestor race of the Allegheny or Alligewi People who were even taller.  The Allegheny were known to be 10 to 15 feet tall.  Yes, this is a race with a greater stature than the Lenni Lenape.  Some of these giants had regular human like heads, while some giants had elongated skulls.  When regular sized people saw the Lenni Lenape, they were probably in awe.  When the Lenni Lenape came upon the Allegheny, they must have been in awe too.  I remember as a child seeing my brother Andy Somprise Soyo and I was in awe at his height of 6'4".  Then I met my Uncle Fidencio "Chuy" Villalobos who stood at the height of 6'6".  Chuy in his own right is a giant.  Does Chuy have alien DNA which has caused this unusual height?  It would seem that people with extraordinary height become very proficient in sports.  Some became great basketball stars.  My uncle Chuy became a professional wrestler with Pepper Gomez.  Chuy was also a Golden Glove Boxer and had a black belt in Karate.

Giants were known to create mammoth structures.  The mound builders built a stone wall 8 miles long and the hilltop reached Mount Carbon - which is 4 miles east of Montgomery overlooking Kanawha River.  To build this wall, the heavy stones were loosely placed together without mortar or cement.  This wall was an incredible accomplishment.

When Deanna lived in Wisconsin, she came upon many mounds.  It is said that Wisconsin was the "effigy mounds capitol of the world".  When Deanna would walk near these mounds, she felt a feeling of dread and as she continued to walk these mounds, she felt extreme depression.  Perhaps she felt this because the giants would be targeted and set for extermination via the flood.  Some of the mounds in Wisconsin are in the shape of a panther, turtle, mink and a variety of birds.  Around Dells in Kilbourn, Wisconsin there was a discovery of a 200 foot long giant lizard mound.  Giants are marked in our history and are permanently ingrained in our minds.  Why?  Because they existed and no matter how much you cover up the fact, the truth is out there and will remain out there forever.
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Encountering Giants
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