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 Paranormal Investigation: Parkin Massacre

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PostSubject: Paranormal Investigation: Parkin Massacre   Paranormal Investigation: Parkin Massacre Icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2019 11:33 pm

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
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Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, did some outside of the perimeters paranormal investigation. The investigation took place outside of a home that has a terrifying history. The incident is right out of a horror movie. On November 7, 1973, 9 people were executed in a beautiful ranch style home in Acampo, California. This home is part of California’s beautiful wine country. In 1973, Walter Parkin owned this home. During that time Walter operated the main store in Victor, CA. When police found the victims, they were looking at the two Parkin children shot in the head and lying on the master bedroom bed. The 7 other victims were all slumped together in the master bedroom walk-in closet.

San Joaquin Sheriff Michael M. Canlis stated that this grisly sight “looked like the work of a madman”. The motive appeared to be greed. Whatever amount of money was in the safe at the United Market in Victor, CA is what lead the burglars to kill their victims. Roughly $4000.00 was taken from the safe.

Victims Identified: Walter Parkin – age 33; his wife, Joanne – age 31; their two children, Lisa - age 11; Robert age - 9; Debbie Earl - age 18 – babysitter; Richard A. Earl and Wanda Earl, the parents of the babysitter; Ricky Earl - age 15 the brother of Debbie Earl and Mark Lang - age 20, the babysitter's boyfriend.

Whenever you have a horrible murder take place the residual energy of this murder or murders, as in this case will live on forever in the atmosphere. The residual energy will play over and over again.

Deanna immediately was able to pick up on the murders playing out like an endless loop. Deanna being a psychic medium needed a break, it was causing her to have shortness of breath. I drove her away from the area. After she gained her composure, I took her back to the murder site. I did some outside perimeter work and attempted many EVP sessions without any luck. Then finally on the 7th try I received an EVP of a little boy pleading….”please, please, time out!”

Carol Jenkins, employee of the Parkin store was the first one to discover the bodies. There are a lot of mysteries to this murder case and the author of this website mentions his suspicions, see here: I am not psychic, but I get this sneaky hunch that Carol Jenkins is somehow behind this and may have given the serial killers / burglars William Luther Steelman and Doug Gretzler the information about the safe in the store. The death of 9 people resulted stealing $4000.00 out of the safe. After they killed 9 people and robbed the safe, Steelman celebrated by eating Joanne Parkin’s birthday cake and making himself a drink.

What prompted me to investigate this hideous murder location is when I received a phone call from Douglas Hennagan from Fresno, California. Douglas says that he is an independent ghost hunter and that he conducted his own outside perimeters paranormal investigation of the home and he felt like he was being shot in the head. This happened 3 times and on the 3rd incident, he actually fell to the ground. When he looked up he saw two homely looking guys and one of the guys had greasy looking hair. Both men looked evil. Douglas later found pictures of William Luther Steelman and Doug Gretzler and says that the two men looking down at him were Steelman and Gretzler. The man with the greasy hair was Steelman. Special Note: I believe that all of the haunting activity near this house is residual activity. I don’t believe it’s intelligent energy. Even when Douglas saw the two serial killers looking down at him, I believe that this is also residual. Douglas claims he is psychic and I feel that his energy may have attracted the negative residual energy and that is why it was centered on him.  

Steelman and Gretzler are depraved serial killers that had no respect for life. They committed murders in Arizona before committing the Parkin Murders. If there is such thing as Hell, you will find the Orchard Road Mass Killers in the deepest bowels of Hell, being tormented for the crimes that they committed on Earth.
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Paranormal Investigation: Parkin Massacre
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