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 Black Shimmering

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PostSubject: Black Shimmering   Black Shimmering Icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2019 11:35 pm

Black Shimmering
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
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Black sticks in our brains more than anything. It has a powerful allure to it which drapes around everyone of us in a seductive and mystical way. It breathes a life of itís own, much like the after effects of a great fire, coal burning dark, turning to diamonds, leaving char and smoke behind. It is the beginning and the end, nothing and everything mixed together.

For along time black has been regarded as the opposite of white, in a balance like the yin and yang of chi, or our life force. This is simply a representation to a theory, as shade is only light and shadow pulled together to form something, anything, everythingÖ

These are the aeons of dreams which have formed a sense of radiance in our spirits. It is all black everything. A primal expanse of the alpha and omega, the reason, the hindrance and the consumption of all else. Black shimmering is a lively mana which threatens to overpower us and subdue our minds.

Have you noticed that in just about every artistic field, the theme is to dress in black? There is multiple explanations for this, such as that the artist doesnít want to take away from the art, much like being the night and letting the stars glow. Another is that it looks good with everything, so therefore you canít go wrong. It gives a sense of professionalism, that you are giving yourself to the whole artistic spiritual conceptualization, rather than focusing on your body of self. Black also absorbs light, making it possible to not reflect strange tones into the art.

If you dream of the color black it is a very powerful omen. In our culture, black can be seen as a sign of evil. As creatures that roam in the moonlight do so to remain hidden from those who dwell in the day, they seek solitude and are generally regarded as hunters. If you are seeing a lot of darkness in your mind, it means that you are feeling lost, unguided and generally in a depressed mood.

However, there are other beliefs which say that black in dreams is a message of the unknown and the power which we have to manifest anything from this blank state. Shiny and luxurious black refers to going deep within yourself and the subconscious self. It can symbolize fate is approaching as well.

There are natural tips known to us to protect ourselves and our auras where black holds the key to unlocking this magick. Black candles are typically displayed in Hollywood movies and shows as representing something demonic and bad, however in many mystical beliefs, black is actually a protective shade which can dispel evil as it absorbs anything.

Black crystals and stones are known to have grounding energy which can stabilize our chakras and balance us well. For mediums, they can help us to connect to the departed much easier. It represents mourning in this sense, which is really just our attachment to emotions.

If it is stormy outside, it is said we should wear colorful clothing as wearing black can definitely cause your energy to go low. But, sometimes for those who live in their hearts or heads to much, it has a strong positive effect. Whatever the case, black is extremely alive and enchanting.

Black Shimmering
Close your eyes and let it in. See now the black shimmering glittering in the reflections of your self. Embrace itís being as it is as ancient as the nothing that began before us. It is a transcendental substance, a jackal of the light.

The black shimmering holds us and enfolds us out from the vast expanse like words on a paper. Like the space with which we combine our thoughts and images to become something alive and then all at once its death. It is a sacred relic which moves on eternally, a shapeshifter, a spell, a blindfold, a monster...

Black dust blowing in the wind into the sky fall of the Earth. Moon cycles break in an eclipse of totality and leave us breathless. Stunned, shaped and mesmerized, we draw the blackness in from everywhere and it becomes something else.
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Black Shimmering
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