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 Invoking the Werewolf

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Invoking The Werewolf
By Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Cryptozoologist
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Greystone the Stealth Cat
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The word werewolf continues a late Old English wer(e)wulf, a compound of were "man" and wulf "wolf". Words also known as Middle Latin gerulphus Anglo-Norman garwalf, Old Frankish *wariwulf. Old Norse culture had the cognate varúlfur, but because of the high importance of werewolves in mythology, there are alternative terms, such as ulfhéðinn ("one in wolfs-skin", referring still to the totemistic or cultic adoption of wolf-nature).

We can find tales of werewolves throughout our ancient origins, especially in ancient mythology. For example, Pliny the Elder relates two tales of lycanthropy. Retelling the story from Euanthes, he speaks on a man who hung his clothes on an ash tree and swam across an Arcadian lake, transforming him into a wolf. On the condition that he attack no human being for nine years, he would be free to swim back across the lake to resume human form.

Werewolves have steeped into American culture for as long as the native origins of this land. It is a widespread condition that is so real that it has come to even be defined in medical practices as a real disease of the mind. Not to say that this is a curse, in scientific terms, but I mean it to tell you that you can look at something as a gift alternatively and it will still be there as well, but dwelling differently in our minds.

Walking with Wolves
One of my greatest memories is coming face to face with wolves while hiking in Montana. They were at a stream, drinking water. It was the middle of winter and they looked delighted despite the cold and snow. They saw me and did not become aggressive, in fact, they reminded me of dogs in their mannerisms!

They were various shades of greys, whites, browns and blacks. They looked up towards me, unarmed and alone and were very intrigued. As a psychic, I could tell they knew that I meant them no harm. I could feel that they could know what my energy and intentions were and so I believe they have supernatural abilities.

I could also feel some from the pack watching me that were unseen, as though they had all corners covered on this plane; north, south, east and west. The were scanning all parts of me, all spirits around me and did not make eye contact whatsoever.

The space of where they were was so filled up with a magical energy that felt like a paranormal elevation, where we trans versed time and place together. I almost felt as if I was on another planet where we were of a noble class and reign.

The darkest and smallest one was striving to communicate with me the most. She lifted her head and lowered her tail into a curve, which was lowered submissively. She shook it a couple times and then slightly moved her head in the direction I had come. She seemed to be motioning to me it was time to leave, so I nodded my head in respect and left the scene, walking back from where I came from. I wish them love, life and health eternally.

The Power of the Wolf
As a symbol of trust and power, wolf stands by our sides delivering the message that we must earn our position within the pack, in order to wish for their company and protection. Wolf typically comes to those spiritually who are needing to learn the value of trust and what it means.

If you dream of a wolf it is a subliminal message to you to pay attention to those who you let around you. It is a sign of deception and sharpness with a fierce attack soon to occur. Although the wolf is not the kind that would ferociously attack you for no reason, it is a fear that we have subconsciously that this is the case.

Because of this fear, we turn the shadow into our minds and play on this. So, the wolf could turn into a nightmare where someone mysteriously transforms into a rage and comes after you. This is a threatening feeling that may be triggered by your guides and higher self picking up on unconscious energies.

Lycanthropy is a name given to a condition in which a person believes they transform into a wolf and back again. It comes from Greek terms lykoi for wolf and anthropos for man. A literal translation for lykoi-anthropos is ‘wolf man’. It is likened to a psychiatric disorder, but so are many other spiritual concepts where people feel or see things without explanation or cause.

Lycanthropy is the supernatural transformation of a person into a wolf, as recounted in folk tales. Stories recount how humans get bitten by an affected wolf or person with this curse and then on the next full moon, they become one themselves!

In magick, it is very viable that curses can spread! In fact, the magick performed underneath a full moon is quite powerful and transformational. In some instances, the curse never goes away, but in some it does. Unfaltering love is always the strongest way to cure the powerful darkness.

Spiritual Shapeshifting
Werewolf can also be a spiritual guide. This is a powerful energy that speaks of the power of transformation and loyalty. If you are lucky enough to draw in a werewolf spirit guide, rest assured you will be kept eternally safe and beloved, so long as you do not scare it away. Make sure to put around you a lot of wolf stuff and anything from the forest and nature, such as free flowing water, to keep it close by.

If you find yourself around this spirit, there is a chance that you too will also transform. If the spirit gets close enough to you and you allow, you will be given the knowledge to shape-shift your soul as well. When you shape-shift, it means to take on the attributes of the desired creature. You will be given all the spiritual aspects you need and the power will transform your life.

You will be able to stand on your own in this belief. You will feel the sense of freedom that one would know who is out in the rugged wild, crossing mountains, running through forests and drinking from crystal clear waters. People will recognize your energy and learn to respect it.

Wolf Demon Woman
Wolf holds such power that several important places of legend were dedicated by the spirit. According to history, the establishment of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius began when the grand duke Gediminas dreamt of an iron wolf howling near the hill.

Lithuanian goddess Medeina was known for her unwillingness to marry and became known as a voluptuous and beautiful huntress depicted as a she-wolf with an escort of wolves.

Dacians draw their name from a god or a legendary ancestor who appeared as a wolf.

One of the earliest written references to black wolves occurs in the Babylonian epic Gilgamesh, in which a character rejects the sexual advances of the goddess Ishtar, reminding her that she had transformed a previous lover into one.

In Proto-Indo-European mythology, the wolf was presumably associated with warriors, who would become wolves upon their initiation.

Vinča culture artifacts found are of wolf statues and fairly rudimentary figurines representing dancers with wolf masks.

The Ancient Greeks associated wolves with the sun god Apollo. (Interestingly, it was he who cursed the first man into a vampire as well!)

The name Adolf is synonymous with wolf, as well as one of the most vicious murderers in history!

All of Rome was founded on the belief that a she wolf mothered their most important founding leaders, Romus and Remulus, with her partner, the God Mars.

The Ainu people believed that they were born from the union of a wolf like creature and a goddess.

In Greece there is a ritual by Zeus Lykaios, which seems to have involved a human sacrifice, and a feast in which the man who received the portion of a human victim was changed to a wolf, as Lycaon had been after sacrificing a child!

The wolf in the Scandinavian tradition is either representing the warrior or as a symbol of death!

The wolf is a national symbol of Chechnya. According to folklore, the Chechens are "born of a she-wolf", as included in the central line in the national myth.

Werewolvery was a common accusation in witch trials throughout their history, and it featured even in the Valais witch trials, one of the earliest such trials altogether, in the first half of the 15th century.

The wolf is so steep in ancient history, that it is viewed negatively, as a sign of evil and misfortune in the Christian bible. I believe this is part of the workings in the mind that lead to separation of religion and mythology, in order to divide and conquer over the original overwhelming ancient notoriety of the reign of Wolf, especially in terms of powerful women and witches!

Becoming Werewolf
In order to invoke the werewolf, one must first understand the nature in order to attract it. We manifest power through portals in the universe of a like-minded patterning. Our brains have an incredible capacity to summon what we ultimately desire and form it by means of our fears, fantasies and karma. It is similar to concocting a potion with intention and then drinking it and being in awe of what happens next.

Because of the deep synonymous nature in accordance to the moon and divine feminine, a silver candle is the perfect start to whisper our pure desires to. If you have male energy, try gold to symbolize Apollo. Perhaps we may catch the attention of a helpful force underneath of a full moon one night. Positively, there are wolves of this coloring. A black one would work as well, to symbolize the night.

Notably, there is a common belief that a silver bullet could kill a werewolf. With this power we can control the force instead. By magick, we can collect the essence instead of destroying it. The Christians have viewed the wolf as a destructive force, a rageful demon who needs to be stopped at all costs and silver is the metal of the moon, which could capture the mind of many in such way of lunacy.

Perhaps Aphrodite, the goddess of love could help us to find what we desire and love. If indeed our love is pure, may we be given her blessings and knowledge to the arts of the divine and be fulfilled in our purpose. When we learn with love, we remember with wisdom.
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Invoking the Werewolf
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