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 Wall Grabbers: A House Terrorized

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PostSubject: Wall Grabbers: A House Terrorized   Wall Grabbers: A House Terrorized Icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2019 7:32 am

Wall Grabbers: A House Terrorized
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations
Sacramento Paranormal Help
Sacramento Paranormal Haunted Hotline: 916 203 7503

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4/14/2019: This was a confidential investigation. The family, in which I will simply call the Lonnies contacted me on my paranormal hotline. The family consists of Mr. Lonnie and his wife Ms. Lonnie and their 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl). Mr. Lonnie tells me that his daughter 2 years ago was caught saying incantations from a black magic book. Mr. Lonnie burned the book and scolded his daughter. Mr. Lonnie says that his daughter claims she has not practiced black magic anymore. Mr. Lonnie feels like a portal opened in his home. A string of strange entities have entered his home and he does not know what can be done. Mr. Lonnie did not want an investigation, but merely wanted his home cleansed.

On one particular night, it was storming. Ms. Lonnie says that Mr. Lonnie was working late that night and it was just her and the kids. The house started trembling and Ms. Lonnie could hear distant thunder. Ms. Lonnie felt the house was trembling more in the daughter's bedroom. Ms. Lonnie opened the bedroom door and to her surprise she saw the bedroom window rattling and the screen flew off. To Ms. Lonnie's horrifying shock, she saw black flying creatures come through the window. Ms. Lonnie describes the creatures as having long slick black wings that come to a point at the end. The creatures in which she calls Wingers were completely jet black. About 20 flew through the window and into the house. At first Ms. Lonnie felt they were bats, but she could see the long wings and on the outside of the wing facing forward were 3 claws on each wing. The creatures have a body with no feet, legs or head. Ms. Lonnie freaked out and grabbed her son's baseball bat and started swinging. Ms. Lonnie was horrified to see that the baseball bat was going right through the creatures and some of the creatures were flying through the wall and into the next room. All of a sudden Ms. Lonnie's daughter started screaming as she was curled up next to her bedroom closet. Ms. Lonnie sees all kinds of scratches on her daughter and immediately starts praying to God loudly, asking God to dispel these foul creatures. When Ms. Lonnie prayed out loud, the creatures dispersed out of the window. Ms. Lonnie says she never seen these creatures again.

The Wall Grabbers
After being terrorized by the Wingers, it finally became peaceful in the home. Mr. Lonnie always doubted Ms. Lonnie's story about the Wingers. Mr. Lonnie's kids even witnessed the Wingers and Mr. Lonnie could not accept the story as being true. After 1 year, Mr. Lonnie became a believer of the Wingers, because he experienced his own paranormal activity. Ms. Lonnie was at her sister's house visiting and Mr. Lonnie and his 2 boys were home. Around 9pm, Mr. Lonnie hears his 2 boys screaming. To his shock and dismay he sees his 2 boys pinned to the wall, something is holding the boys to the wall and his boys are screaming. Ms. Lonnie had bottles of holy water around the house and Mr. Lonnie being a Christian man grabbed a bottle of holy water and started throwing the water at the boys. Finally the boys were released. The boys tell their father, that they could feel hands holding them against the wall. Both of the boys, felt like the entities wanted to take them to their world and the boys were terrorized from this experience, in fact the kids all have PTSD from their paranormal experiences. The daughter has PTSD from the Wingers and the boys have PTSD from the Wall Grabbers. When the Wall Grabbers attacked the boys, they did not harass the daughter. The daughter did not witness it and hid in her closet during the whole time.

Mr. & Ms. Lonnie have also seen another strange creature in the home, they call it the Periscope. This creature has one eye that can extend out from its long lean neck. The neck is connected to a jelly like substance. The jelly substance is the body. Mr. & Ms. Lonnie may be sitting in the living room watching TV and the eye from this creature will appear looking around a corner and all you can see is the eye looking at you, that is attached to a long slender neck. When Mr. Lonnie saw this creature for the first time, he ran over to it, holding a cross and could see it's whole body. The creature vanished. Mr. Lonnie feels like this is a prelude to another paranormal event, so he called me and Deanna.

Deanna conducted a metaphysical cleansing and felt the impressions of the Wingers. Deanna saw dark flying creatures and mentions it after her walk through. The family then told us the story of the Wingers and were amazed that Deanna picked up on these creatures. After Deanna did her cleansing and when she went home, she had a strange dream that she was being watched by a Wool creature. The dream was very vivid. Deanna did not feel like the Wool creature was a threat, but that it was watching her. Deanna drew a picture of the Wool creature.  Deanna feels like the Wool creature may have something to do with the Lonnie household.

Angel Glowing
I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing and performed full submersion baptisms for the whole family. Full submersion baptisms are a basic form of exorcism and if you have an attachment, the attachment will immediately leave. The family said that after I conducted the blessing and Deanna did her cleansing, they saw what they thought was an angel in their kitchen. Ms. Lonnie describes the angel to Deanna and Deanna draws the angel.  Ms. Lonnie says that Deanna's drawing is pretty accurate. Deanna calls the angel "Angel Glowing" because this angel is glowing all over and is protecting the family.  The Lonnies feel the cleansing was successful and we will keep in touch with the Lonnies to make sure that they are not esoterically attacked again.  If our cleansing is not successful, the Lonnies have taken my 2nd advice for a Plan B.  Plan B is to have a church congregation come to the house and sing some spiritual songs and say some prayers out loud.  If a congregation comes in and does this, it will place so much positive energy into the atmosphere, that nothing negative can stay in the house.  The Lonnies tell me that if my cleansing is not successful, they will follow my suggestion for a Plan B cleansing.
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Wall Grabbers: A House Terrorized
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