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PostSubject: Sam's Ex   Sam's Ex Icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2008 10:29 pm

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I have read many of the experiences that have been posted here and feel that this experience can find it's own place on this site. I was baptized Catholic, brought up Protestant and claim no religion. My mother wanted me to be a priest but, to her disappointment I questioned everything. Often we argued and to her dismay I never became a priest.

In Viet Nam I had many close calls. It was like I had a Guardian Angel. In 1972 President Nixon promised to end the war with "Honor". We were getting our butts kicked. One day after a mission, I was called to the "Orderly Room" and told that I was supposed to be out of the ARMY, two weeks ago. Nineteen hours later I was on the streets (A CIVILIAN!). I was "plucked" out in the middle of combat and sent home with 72,000 troops. I was a "Space Cadet" ( NO WAR STORIES). During this time I had lost several friends that were still in the war.

I had trouble locating my family (my mom had bought a new home and the mail was slow to find me). They were unprepared for me so I slept on the living room couch. The living room was lighted by a street light that shown brightly through the bay window.

My Story:

I was awaken by something or someone shaking me violently. I opened my eyes and the whole room was shaking from side to side and I was covered in a dark shroud. I felt the presence of pure evil, I was right in the middle of it. I could see the street light shinning through the the window, the room was vibrating violently. I could feel this evil trying to to overcome me. I struggled to get to get to my feet and get to the hallway door ( I don't know why, I just knew I had to get to the hallway).

The closer I tried to get to the door the farther away it got. I was caught in the grasp of the evil, I was losing the battle. I said, "God, please help me!" All of a sudden the door was right at my face, the room still shaking. I opened the door and I saw a silhouette that I can only describe as "Cousin IT" from the Adams' Family. It put its arms around me and started walking me backwards towards the couch. I could feel it's long thick hair, my arms were around a solid object and all the time it was walking me backwards it whispered in my ear, "Everything is all right." It walked me backwards, laid me down on the couch and kissed me. I opened my eyes, the room was still shaking and
then it suddenly stopped. A very strong feeling of peace suddenly overcame me. I have never felt this nor the evil again.

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