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 The slave boy

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PostSubject: The slave boy   The slave boy Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 11:22 am

My daughter's boyfriend spent the night! Now while in the guest bedroom all tucked in for the night, lights out and drifting into that rhelm of twilight, something tugged on the cover at the foot of the bed, he sat right up to see what or who it was. To his shock there was nothing! He tried to lay back down when he heard the sounds of a child giggling as if while playing. He thought to himself that this was just in his imagination, while this happened all through the night. The next day he came with his sleepy eyes and his questions. I explained that he got a visit from our polterguiest, named Marcus, he was a slave that had died here in the celler. He was being punished and had a heart deffect according to the physic that read him on the property many years ago. He often plays pranks on the family that lives here and always hides things or pulls covers off the bed while you lay sleeping.
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The slave boy
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